What is Theodish Belief?

“The universe, the Northern Path, the true folk religion, is not at all a journey into the "self;" that idea in itself is magical, a reification, and a mere romantic palliative, not a cure. The true "journey" is not into the self at all, but its opposite: community." - Garman Lord

There are probably a dozen or so websites out there that can give you a definition of "Theodish Belief", filled with all manner of technical details, boring history lessons, and explorations into dead languages and long forgotten mythologies. This website will try to circumvent this long held convention. 

Defining "Theodish Belief" is fairly simple. If you were to ask an ancient Anglo-Saxon pagan "What do you believe?",  after a look of confusion and a furrowed brow, his answer probably would have been something like "Mín þéodisc geléafa." or in our New English "My people's belief."

There are many religions out there that worship the ancient gods of Europe, and each is as valid and real as the next; however, we feel there is something very special and unique about the way we do it. As Garman Lord, the founder of our religious tradition, says above "the journey is not into the self... but community." 

The Theodish community is centered on the notion of frith, sometimes translated as "peace", but this is a gross simplification of a very multifacitated concept. Frith is a state of being that exists when all the right conditions exist.  The goal of the Theodsman is to ensure that they are doing everything to cause these conditions to manifest.

This section is under construction, and will probably appear as a rambling mess for a short period of time. Please check back soon. We appreciate your patience and look forward to interacting with you.

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